The USTA Foundation has 13 NJTL chapters across the country that have identified close to 200 promising athletes that are selected due to their hard work, talent, perseverance and grit. These Excellence Teams are provided additional resources designed to provide coaching, equipment and tournament travel at no cost to the players who normally wouldn’t have the chance to play. 

The Metropolitan Tennis & Education Group in partnership with the USTA and NJTL proudly works with the Excellence Team players from the District, Maryland and Virginia.  

All NJTL Excellence Teams are required participate in various events, provide training opportunities for both coaches and youth and adhere to national program standards. 

1.    Coaches training – online training courses, face-to-face workshops, certified, work with a mentor

2.    Tennis Training – 30+ weeks of programming, tournament play, USTA Player Development Wild Card Playoff, USTAF NJTL Excellence Cup, USTAF NJTL Excellence Team Workout

3.    College Prep – track report cards, maintain GPA, Essay Contest, community service

4.    Marketing, Sponsorship, Fundraising & Communication

The statistics are astounding. Of the boys and girls who join an Excellence Team:

  • 96% improve their tennis skills

  • 98% continue to play tennis frequently

  • 100% report they will graduate from high school


Excellence Team DMV Accomplishments:

•                Team DMV National Champions - JTT National Champions - u14 Advanced - Taj Byrom, Clervie Ngoumoue, Adrianna Peradoza, Mikael Carpenter, Langston Williams, Mya Spencer, Moriah McDonald, Trinity Grear, Origen Grear, Kai Goodall, Yvonne Lopez

•                Participants competed in Orange Bowl (Nathan Nguyen, Taj Byrom, Clervie Ngoumoue, Artis Hart, Adrianna Peradoza, Victoria Matthews, Winston Matthews, Mikael Carpenter, Langston Williams, Mya Spencer, Allison Bach, Sierra Sandy)

•                Participants competed in the USTA 14&under Clay Court Nationals (Mya Spencer, Mikeal Carpenter, Adrianna Peradoza, Clervie Ngoumoue, Winston Matthews, Langston Williams)

•                Participants won the MAS sectional JTT Championships in 14&under (Mya Spencer, Langston Williams, Mikael Carpenter, Adrianna Peradoza)

•                Participants qualified for the National JTT Championships (Mya Spencer, Langston Williams, Mikael Carpenter, Moriah McDonald, Clervie Ngoumoue)

•                Participants won the MAS Arthur Ashe Essay Contest (Erica Meibus and Mikael Carpenter)

•                Participants participated in 10&under clinic at Arthur Ashe Kids Day with Novak Djokovic (Lakshya Motem)

•                Participants competed and won numerous tennis tournaments throughout the MAS Section

•                Participants completed numerous community service activities

•                Participants maintained a 2.5 GPA or above

•                Several participants achieved rankings of 10 or below in the MAS section

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